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A quick note, I spent a long time developing this workflow and tool, and put a lot of trial and error into figuring out what I felt was the best way to tackle this solution. I gathered plenty of input from many top matte and texture painters working in the industry. I wanted to share this in hopes that others will find it useful and a time saver. I assume that if you are using this, then you feel as if your time is worth money, and you are trying to save some. My time is also worth money, so hit the donation button if you want to show some love! No specific amount, but if you feel like you got something that is better than what you paid for it, then you know what to do. Thanks everyone!

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I just re-uploaded some files into the installers that should fix some issues that got overlooked on the last release. This version fixes the following issues:
-Files were being converted to linear regardless of the checkbox.
-.PNG format has been removed for the foreseeable future, or until I get some time to integrate it with the current worfkflow.
-open2log script now only converts lin2log on files that you opened for that session, not all documents that you have open in general.

Thanks again for everyone who has been using this and giving feedback!

I just realized that I missed an important step in the preview video and I apologize for that. I’m a busy guy, what can I say? At any rate, follow this guide quick before using LayerSlayer and it should save you some headscratching.
A couple of notes for installation. If you are using Windows, make sure to install as administrator, and either mark the installer OK with your antivirus, or turn it off for the install. People have been mentioning that Norton seems to be trying to quarantine the installer. I believe this could be due to the fact that the .ICC profiles are installed in the system32 directory. I have submitted a report to Symantec, and hopefully they can add it to the list of ok programs.
I just am finishing up tweaking the final stages of a matte painting tool/color pipeline for Photoshop. Most of you know the routine, you get a log tiff or Cineon file, or get a 32 bit linear EXR and have to do some funky stuff to get it to look right to paint on, and in the end it’s a hassle. Well I’ve managed to take the Fnord Cineon Converter plugin and wrap it into a nice automated process that takes the user error out of the equation, and even manages versions and naming. Take a look at this thing and let me know what you think!
There’s a thread going on over at CGTalk where some people are both giving testimony and asking questions/getting answers. Check it out here!